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USA Edition Subscription Review


Little Passports, a trailblazer in educational subscription boxes for kids, invites young explorers to discover the diverse and captivating landscapes of the United States with their "USA Edition." In this comprehensive review, we'll explore the content, quality, pricing, and what sets the "USA Edition" by Little Passports apart from similar products, drawing examples from their immersive kits.

Diverse and Educational Content

The "USA Edition" by Little Passports is not just a subscription box; it's an exciting journey through the United States for kids aged 7 to 12. The adventure begins with a captivating starter kit, including a personalized welcome letter from travel guides Sam and Sofia. Inside, young explorers find their very own "Little Passports USA field guide," a wall-sized USA map to chart their travels, and a discovery kit brimming with engaging activities, games, and fascinating facts.

But the adventure doesn't stop there. Every month, Little Passports sends a new package, featuring four states. Each kit contains a 32-page, activity-packed State Journal that delves into the culture, history, and geography of these states. This journal is not just a booklet; it's a passport to understanding the vast tapestry of America. To complement the physical materials, Little Passports provides access to additional online activities, ensuring an immersive and comprehensive learning experience.

Quality of Content

Little Passports collaborates with professional educators, PhDs, and award-winning writers and designers to craft content that seamlessly blends fun with education. The materials provided are of impeccable quality, ensuring a safe and enriching learning journey for young adventurers. Clear instructions empower children to engage in hands-on exploration with confidence, fostering a deep understanding of the United States and its rich history.

Pricing and Value

When considering pricing, the "USA Edition" by Little Passports offers exceptional value. With a monthly subscription cost, you gain access to an ongoing adventure that spans 26 months as you explore all 50 states. The value proposition is outstanding, as each kit opens doors to learning, discovery, and a deeper appreciation of the United States.

Key Differentiators

What truly sets the "USA Edition" by Little Passports apart from similar products is its immersive approach to learning about the United States. While other subscription services may offer scattered facts, Little Passports takes a cohesive journey through the nation. The combination of physical materials, online activities, and storytelling by Sam and Sofia creates an engaging and educational narrative that makes history and geography come alive.

Moreover, the excitement of receiving a package addressed to your child each month is part of the magic of Little Passports. It sparks anticipation and curiosity, turning learning into a thrilling adventure that children eagerly look forward to.


The "USA Edition" by Little Passports is not just about exploring states; it's about exploring the heart and soul of America. Its diverse and educational content, commitment to quality, affordable pricing, and immersive storytelling make it a top choice in the realm of educational subscription boxes. By providing an engaging and comprehensive journey through the United States, "USA Edition" empowers young explorers to gain a deep understanding of their country and fosters a lifelong love for exploration and discovery.

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