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Afternoon activities with the kids

Afternoon is usually the time where my home wakes up to life. My 3 kids (ages 2, 5 and 8) have finished their noon nap, and after eating a small snack, they are up and ready for some mind or body challenging activity.

When the weather is nice, their favorite activity by far is sports. My middle and older kids are practicing their climbing skills on our home made kids climbing wall, playing soccer or basketball, or just hanging around in the kids playground. But it gets more complex when it's get cold (aka "winter is coming"), and to be honest, there's a limit to how much time they can spend outside.

Sometimes we need a more relaxed activity which combines some family quality time alongside with an activity that stimulates the kids minds. As you probably understand, the things that interest my 2 years old, are far from being interesting to my 8 years old, and that brings in a challenge.

One of the favorite family indoor activities we have today is around STEM subscription boxes - I've subscribed each one of my kids to a monthly STEM box relevant for their age and interest. For my older child, i got a KiwiCo subscription, and more specifically, the kiwi crate, which is suitable for kids at ages 5-8 and is designed to develop creativity and curiosity. For the middle one, who is more interested in science, i got the Mel Science subscription (Mel Kids), which is designed for kids at ages 5-10, and for the small one, i got the KiwiCo Panda Crate subscription which is designed for infants at ages 0-2.

The thing i like most about this type of activity, is that it really opens up my kids minds to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), which is in fact the things that drives our world these days, and i really hope that by exposing them at such a young age to this form of education, in a very lightweight and fun way, would develop the interest to dive deeper as they grow up.

Another very interesting point to mention, is that the variety of content in these subscriptions is enormous - Coding kits, Engineering Kits, Art, Science, Geography, and more!

But to be honest, the thing i love the most is to spend this quality time with them, participate, take part, and see them growing to be smart and beautiful.


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