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New Product Alert: Mel Med

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Over the last few years, it’s become more obvious than ever that healthcare workers are essential to the wellbeing of society. Both the demand for new medical professionals and the prestige of careers in healthcare have increased. However, pursuing this craft is tricky, to say the least. To become a professional, one must possess extensive knowledge of the human body and its disorders, as well as undergo extensive practical training. It never hurts to start learning as early as possible, and we are here to make the first step painless, entertaining, and rewarding.

MEL Med (by Mel Science) is a comprehensive tool that allows users to test their grasp on medicine both literally and figuratively. The kits include real medical equipment and instruments, and touch on a variety of fields including surgery, pharmacology, and lab diagnostics. This feature grants aspiring doctors the chance to explore which specialty is the best fit for them. They can even start practicing medical care right away! Don’t worry – all the patients are virtual, so it’s a safe zone to practice and make mistakes.

Even so, users might end up in a non-medical career – anything is possible. But even then, the experience they gain through MEL Med will remain relevant, as it explains and gives them a chance to practice the basics of first aid. Moreover, the Med subscription offers its users valuable insight into the world of real skills and challenges that medical workers encounter every day.

With a MEL Med subscription, you will get a brand new kit every month for $69.90. This might seem steep at first glance, but the price tag for any medical training simulator with the same level of depth would be in the range of thousands of dollars. In comparison, Mel Med are offering quite a fair price to kickstart your professional medical education!

Pre-order MEL Med now to get your first kit by Christmas! Be among the first medicine enthusiasts to try this new science subscription.

Get a new medical kit every month starting January. 1 medical topic = 2 kits to practice and learn. Get your kit, treat, repeat!

  • Different medical branches. 1 topic = two months of learning.

  • Real medical tools. Literally the same as professional doctors use in their practice.

  • New videos with virtual patients in the mobile app every month. You can test your knowledge without being afraid to make mistakes.

  • Unique offer: there are many cheap medical kits with plastic stethoscopes on the market. And professional options for medical students are often too pricey! MEL Med is a bargain deal as a quality educational set for an affordable price.


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