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Last Update: Fri Apr 12 2024

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Here are the top kids coding services available in market today:

Mel Science

Mel Science

Best in class science experiments for kids, Outstanding customer support.




USA, International

Science, Coding, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics

Price Range: 

From $29.9/m


12 Months at the price of 8





If you want your children to learn how to code, you might consider looking into coding subscription boxes. This subscription based learning tools helps kids develop skills such as problem solving, logic, and creativity while teaching them about programming concepts. Kids are given a challenge each week/month, and then work on it over the course of several months, completing coding projects and challenges. These projects range from making a game, to building a robot, to creating a video app. Each project provides a unique experience that allows kids to grow their knowledge of coding and build confidence along the way.

Code Is a Language

The world is full of languages. Some are spoken; some are written. But most are used by computers. Computers speak binary code. Binary code is nothing more than a sequence of ones and zeros. In English we call those words letters. And there are many different ways to represent those letters. You might see a sentence written out as text. Or you could see it represented as a picture. A computer doesn’t think about things that way. Instead, it thinks in binary code. In fact, every single thing around us – everything digital – is built up from bits. So how do you learn to program? Well, it’s pretty simple really. Just like learning any language. Start with something easy. Then move onto something harder. And keep working at it until you feel comfortable enough to tackle programming challenges that interest you.

Kids Can Learn How To Code

Kids are getting into computers and coding, and it's cool, but there's no better way to learn about technology than hands-on experience. You don't need a fancy kit or expensive equipment to start teaching your kid how to program; just make sure she has access to a computer and a basic understanding of what she wants to do.

For children ages 7 and older, we recommend checking out the coding subscription boxes. This membership sites offers monthly subscriptions to classes taught by experts in different fields. There are few recommended subscription products where kids can learn how to code.

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