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Easy & Cool Home Science Experiments For Kids

We've decided to review easy and super cool science experiments we've found online that will amaze your kids and fill in few afternoons with educative & fun content. Please note that some of the experiments requires parents supervision.

Cloud in a Bottle

Learn air compression - All you need for this experiment is an empty water bottle. Instructions:

  1. The water bottle should empty and closed.

  2. Twist the water bottle - This pushes all the molecules together.

  3. Open the bottle cap - It releases the pressure and the molecules expand, creating an instant cloud.

Experiment duration: 1 minute.

Level: Very Easy.

Imploding Can

Learn air pressure - All you need for this is an empty can, tongs, a bowel filled with ice cubes and water and a stove (for heating the can). Instructions:

  1. Fill the can with a little bit of water.

  2. Put the can in the stove.

  3. Once it's hot enough (few minutes will do the trick), tip it over and put it in the icy water using the tongs.

  4. The can will implode on itself.

Experiment Duration: 10 minutes.

Level: Easy.

Bouncy Egg

Learn about membranes - For this experiment you'll need Vinegar, a raw egg and a cup. Instructions:

  1. Put the egg in the empty cup carefully (so it wont break).

  2. Fill the cup with vinegar so it fills the cup completely.

  3. let it sit for 24 hours.

  4. After 24 hours have passed, you can take the egg out of the cup, and you'll notice that the shell just rubs off the egg.

  5. Put the egg under the water tap so the egg shell is removed completely and the egg is clean.

  6. You got yourself a bouncy egg (or a bouncy egg membrane)!

  7. Try to shine a light on the egg for some cool effects (you can use your phone's flashlight)!

  8. To prove it's still a raw egg, put the egg in a plate, and cut through the egg with a knife - you'll see the raw egg inside.

Experiment Duration: 24 hours.

Level: Easy.

Invisible Ink

Learn acids & bases - For this experiment you'll need some grape juice, baking soda, paper (or cards), a bowl and some q-tips. Instructions:

  1. Put a spoon with baking soda in the bowel.

  2. Add a spoon with water to the bowel.

  3. Mix that together.

  4. Using the q-tips, draw the secret message on the card (or paper).

  5. Paint the paper using the grape juice to reveal the secret message.

  6. The magic happens because the grape juice is acidic and the baking soda is a base.

Experiment Duration: 15 minutes.

Level: Easy.

DIY Hovercraft

Learn air pressure - For this experiment you'll need a hot glue gun, a cap with a hole drilled in it's centre, an old CD and a balloon. Instructions:

  1. Hot glue the cap with the hole to the centre of the CD.

  2. Blow up the balloon.

  3. On a table - Put the balloon on the hovercraft (cover the cap quickly so the air does not run away quickly).

  4. There you have it! The air greatly reduces the friction of the CD on the table.

  5. You can make a really fun game off of it (similar to air hockey).

Experiment Duration: 15 minutes.

Level: Medium.

Bending Water

Learn static electricity - For this experiment you'll need a balloon and access to a water tap. Instructions:

  1. Run the balloon on your hair or on your shirt.

  2. Open the water tap.

  3. Put the balloon close to the running water.

  4. See how you're bending the water!

Experiment Duration: 5 minutes.

Level: Easy.

Balloon Races

Learn Air Power - For this experiment you'll need a straw, a balloon and some ribbon (like a Christmas ribbon). Instructions:

  1. Feed your ribbon through the straw.

  2. Blow up your balloon.

  3. Tape the balloon to the straw.

  4. Tie the 2 ends of the ribbon away from each other (e.g to the door knob and to a chair or a table), so they are far enough from each other

  5. let the air in the balloon go - and you've got yourself a race!

Experiment Duration: 15 minutes.

Level: Easy.


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