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Educational activities for Kids Stuck at Home During Coronavirus

The global pandemic hit the world, aka covid-19, have brought with it many restrictions and limitations all around the world. Schools and kindergartens being shut down, playgrounds are less available and even in some areas going out of home is fully prohibited.

This situation, as we all have learned, brings in a complex challenge for us parents, to keep our kids occupied, keep their spirits high, and invest in their education to compensate on the lost time at school or kindergarten.

The need for routine

Kids needs routine. Although covid-19 brings in lots of stress to our lives, as the world as we know it have changed, it also brings in some great opportunities to spend quality time with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, and really make the most out of the new routines this new era brings.

The challenge with this new routine is that not all parents are equipped with ideas for how to fill in the extra they have with the kids.

No more screens!

Screen time is easy. too easy. While TV, computers, phone and consoles have their qualities, and they have the potential to develop unique skills our kids need to excel in thee world of today, too much screen time is just too much.

Screens will not develop other important tools our kids need, such as social interaction with others, and will not develop other important interests required today such as passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - aka "STEM".

STEM education

STEM is a broad term used to group together these 4 academic disciplines. In the past few years, governments are promoting STEM education to improve competitiveness of residents in science and technology development, which are the professions of the future.

It was proved, that by cultivating an interest in STEM in preschool or immediately following school entry, the chances of STEM success in high school can be greatly improved.

Further more, research suggests that exposing girls to STEM education at a young age has the potential to reduce the gender gap in technical STEM fields by half - What is the gap today? Although women make up 47% of the workforce in the U.S, they hold only 24% of STEM jobs.

Luckily, STEM education is highly available for everyone today, as more and more companies are selling online amazing STEM kits which are educative and fun!

Fun activities delivered right to your doorstep

STEM kits delivered to your home on a monthly basis is a great way to get started with this form of education. First - STEM kits are fun. No matter what your kids interests are, the variety is very big and you can always find thee right kit to suite your child. If it's conducting science experiments at home, building interesting toys, solving riddles and puzzles or learn how to code - Your kids will get a nice box with full with all the needed materials to complete the project.

After just a short while, you'll see that your kids eagerly wait for the next box to be delivered to them. That moment of unboxing the next project is just magical, seeing the excitement in your kids eyes and feeling the joy of getting started with the project - is second to none.

Also, for the younger kids, it's a great opportunity for the parents to spend quality time with the loved ones, helping them to develop passion for Science and technology.

What are the available options today? Well, a lot! Many companies, like KiwiCo, and Mel Science are offering monthly subscription of high quality projects delivered as kits to your home (usually delivery is free). As the variety is so big, we've ranked all of the different option for STEM kits subscription - we hope this help!



Mel Science


Mel Physics

Tinker Crate



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