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Mel Math Introduction

Updated: May 27, 2023

How does MEL Math compare to other math programs? What makes it unique? Are there any features I should look out for before buying?

MEL Math offers a complete math curriculum from pre-K through high school. The company claims that its approach is designed to build students' confidence in their ability to succeed in mathematics.

According to MEL Math, the program is based on three key principles: building foundational skills, providing meaningful practice, and teaching students to love learning. The company says that these strategies allow students to develop essential mathematical thinking skills and improve their conceptual understanding.

Math can be one of the trickiest school subjects for kids, especially in the early years. They’re asked to consider paper-thin (pun intended!) scenarios for the sake of a word problem, plot points on graphs often for no discernible reason, and solve equations with little to no real-life context. Enter MEL Math — a subscription kit that strives to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical, giving kids the context they need to see the bigger picture.

MEL Science’s latest course is aimed squarely at grades 3–6, and tackles a broad range of math topics, from fractions to statistics to infinity. Kids start with hands-on exposure as they build their own tools (curvimeters, sextants, even their own model bridges), then embark on a series of activities to connect what they’ve just done with how they can apply it. And they’ll have fun the whole way through! Each step and activity is accompanied by whimsical illustrations to make even the more complex material fun and easy to swallow. And more often than not, said activities will even get them away from their desks — gathering data, taking measurements, and so on. Very few strategies reinforce learning better than getting kids up and moving. As always, MEL Science’s kits pleasantly surprise with their ability to strike a balance with the serious subject matter and a sense of fun! At its core, MEL Science is a group of scientists and teachers, and you can tell: their love for the subject matter is every bit as clear as their love for kids and desire to see them succeed. Like MEL Science’s other courses, MEL Math doesn’t purport to replace your kids’ school classes; it’s too selective for that. What it does accomplish is showing kids that math can be relevant and fun. At an age where it’s just becoming cool to say, “teach us something we’ll use in real life,” it’s a handy tool to demonstrate that this oft-maligned subject does, in fact, perfectly fit the bill.

In addition, MEL Math also offers a free trial period, which gives you access to all of the lessons and activities included in the full version. If you decide to subscribe after trying out the free version, you won’t lose any content or functionality.

The MEL Math Kit includes everything needed to teach students about numbers and operations. Students are introduced to basic mathematical concepts such as counting, measuring, and comparing quantities using concrete objects like cups, spoons, and rulers. This foundation is essential for understanding abstract concepts later on, including fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and proportions.

The kit also introduces students to algebraic expressions, graphing functions, and solving linear equations. These skills are vital for future success in high school and beyond.

Students practice these skills in a variety of ways, including building models, creating graphs, and calculating probabilities. The kit provides detailed lesson plans, worksheets, and assessment materials to help teachers plan instruction and evaluate student progress.

This kit is designed for students who are ready to begin exploring mathematics independently. It is recommended for students in grades three through six.


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