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STEM boxes for kindergarten

STEM subscription boxes for kids are great

I write a lot about STEM activities lately, and there's a good reason for that. I see how great STEM education is for nurturing the crave for science and technology from a very young age - Meaning exposing your kids to the professions of the future in their early years.

Starting exposing your kids to STEM education is becoming easy these days, as more and more companies are starting to produce high quality content for all ranges of ages, including kids at the age of kindergarten. This includes companies like KiwiCo, Green Kids Crafts, Groovy Lab in a Box (and more),which have crafted content specially for these ages (2-5).

This really introduces an original and educative way to spend quality time with your young kids - instead of doing the same things over and over again, you can really make more with your (mostly limited) time with your kids by helping them workout special science, art, and engineering projects that fits to their age.

What are the options out there?

To get started with STEM for your kindergarten, you need to decide first on the level on involvement you can handle as a parent. If you're into it and you have spare time, you can create STEM projects for your kids yourself - you can get inspired by websites like KiwiCo (read our KiwiCo Review), check the contents of the kits they are selling, and try to reproduce it yourself.

Most parents (including myself), don't have the privilege to do it myself (not because i do not want to, i'm just too busy..). And luckily, the options out there are amazing. Many different companies who sell STEM boxes, usually as a monthly subscription, covering different topics suitable for kindergarten age kids (2-5):

How does all of this work?

Assuming most parent will be buying a STEM subscription boxes for their kids, here's how the process works:

  • Choose the right STEM subscription box for your kid

  • Choose the duration of the subscription (the longer you commit, the cheaper the price is) - usually, the price per month varies between $15 - $30 and shipping is free.

  • Put in your shipping address and your preferred payment method details (all support credit card).

  • Your kids will get the monthly STEM project wrapped in a box and delivered to your doorstep.

  • Usually, no need to have any additional equipment at home - all is supplied within the box.

Enhancing the experience of your kids

After you're all set with your subscription, there are few tips i'd like to share which can enhance your child experience when working and completing their STEM monthly project:

  • Show and tell - Completing a STEM project is a unique experience which would probably be new to your child. This experience can be enhanced if your kid would share it with his kindergarten teacher and friends. It's very recommended to ask the kindergarten teacher to give your child some time to show his project to his friends and tell them all about it (which is usually an educative experience for them as well).

  • Use lots of positive reinforcements during the process - you'll see that as time passes, your child will gain more confidence in completing such projects independently.

Identifying your kids talents

I see more and more parents who just got started with STEM and find it hard to discover what is their child preferred STEM content - Is it Art, Science, Engineering or something else.

No worries folks - it's natural. What i recommend to do, is to sign up to more than 1 subscription box until you find what's your kid's favourite content. What usually happens, is that your child ends up finding everything interesting and have more than 1 monthly project to complete :-) . Luckily, these subscriptions price tag is usually low.

My Recommendation for STEM boxes for kindergarten

To sum up, lots of options out there for STEM subscription boxes suitable for kindergarten age. My top 3 (ordered by my rating):

To get more information about these products and brands, you can read our reviews here: KiwiCo Review, Groovy Lab in a Box Review, Green Kids Crafts Review.


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