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STEM subscription box as a Christmas gift

(In the picture - Kids enjoying Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box)

Christmas is coming, and with it comes the sales season! But, as fun as it is to go shopping, its somewhat stressful to be responsible for picking the right gifts for your kids or grandchildren.

It does not matter if it's Christmas sales, black Friday or cyber Monday, the problem is usually the same - what will I buy this year? what will make my loved one happy? what kind of a gift would bring meaningful values which will last and create positive memories? Well, if you feel you have this problem, you've probably reached the right place!

The new hit this holiday season is a new type of gifts which are both educational and fun - STEM subscription Boxes. a STEM subscription box is a monthly science project for kids at all ages. It contains different kinds of projects in different science fields (general science, chemistry, math, engineering and more). The box usually comes with clear instructions and all of the required materials in order to complete the project.

The subscription length usually varies between 3 to 12 months, and the price is usually relatively low ($15-$35 per month). The variety of Subscription boxes is relatively big, so reviews sites are usually very helpful in choosing the right one for you based on your kids interests. Here are some STEM box reviews that will help you make the right choice.

Example STEM subscription Boxes

(In the picture - KiwiCo subscription Box Example)

(In the picture - Mel Science Subscription box Example)

(In the picture - Green Kids Crafts Subscription Box Example)

(In the picture - Groovy Lab In a Box Example)


Mel Science


Mel Physics

Tinker Crate



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