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Early Explorers Subscription Review


Little Passports, a pioneer in educational subscription boxes for kids, invites preschoolers aged 3 to 5 on a captivating global adventure with their "Early Explorers" subscription. This comprehensive review explores the content, quality, pricing, and what sets "Early Explorers" by Little Passports apart from similar products, while highlighting examples from their engaging kits.

Diverse and Educational Content

"Early Explorers" by Little Passports is a delightful journey designed to pique the curiosity of young children. The adventure commences with an enchanting introductory kit that includes a Little Passports suitcase, a wall-sized world map to chart their travels, a heartwarming welcome letter from pen pals Max, Mia, and Toby, a pop-out playset, and an activity booklet brimming with puzzles, games, and fascinating facts. This starter kit is carefully crafted to introduce preschoolers to the world and its wonders.

Subsequent monthly packages continue the exploration, each centered around a captivating theme such as space, oceans, art, and more. These kits are packed with hands-on projects and activities that foster creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning. For instance, the "Oceans" package takes children on an underwater adventure, teaching them about sea creatures, coral reefs, and even the phenomenon of bioluminescence.

Quality of Content

Little Passports takes great care to ensure that the materials provided in "Early Explorers" are not only engaging but also of high quality. The content is thoughtfully curated to align with preschoolers' developmental needs, promoting a safe and enriching learning experience.

Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, the "Early Explorers" subscription offers exceptional value. With affordable monthly subscriptions, parents gain access to a treasure trove of educational materials that engage, entertain, and educate their young explorers.

Key Differentiators

What truly sets "Early Explorers" by Little Passports apart from similar products is its comprehensive approach to early childhood education. It introduces children to the world in a fun and interactive way, laying the foundation for future curiosity and learning. The anticipation of receiving a new package addressed to your child each month adds an element of excitement and keeps them eagerly engaged in their exploration.

Customer Testimonials

Parents have praised the "Early Explorers" subscription for its engaging and educational content. They find that the materials are not only entertaining but also provide valuable learning experiences for their preschoolers. Additionally, the online resources provided by Little Passports complement the physical materials, extending the learning journey beyond the subscription box.


In conclusion, "Early Explorers" by Little Passports is a treasure chest of educational riches for preschoolers. It opens the door to a world of wonder, providing young learners with the tools they need to satisfy their innate curiosity. With engaging content, quality materials, and an enticing monthly anticipation, it's a subscription that transcends traditional learning. "Early Explorers" doesn't just inform; it inspires. By igniting a sense of wonder and fostering a love for exploration, it lays the foundation for a future filled with curiosity and discovery. This subscription is a thoughtful investment in your child's early education, making learning an exciting adventure that can be shared and cherished as a family.

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