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Science Expeditions Subscription Review


Little Passports stands as a beacon among subscription boxes for kids, igniting young minds with engaging and educational activities that explore the world. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the content, quality, pricing, and what sets "Science Expeditions" by Little Passports apart from similar products, drawing examples from their exceptional kits.

Diverse and Educational Content

Little Passports offers a range of subscription options for ages 3 to 8+, making it a versatile choice for families seeking to foster a love for exploration and learning. Within this range, "Science Expeditions" (recommended for ages 8+) takes young scientists on a thrilling journey through hands-on science experiments and captivating monthly themes.

Each "Science Expeditions" kit includes a plethora of activities that immerse children in the world of science. For instance, a kit centered around the theme of "Volcanoes" might include materials and instructions to create a volcanic eruption, fostering an understanding of geological processes in a fun and interactive way. Additionally, every kit features a comic book related to the monthly theme, adding a layer of storytelling that enhances comprehension and engagement.

Quality of Content

Little Passports takes pride in the quality of its educational content. The activities within each kit are meticulously designed to blend learning with excitement. Materials provided are safe and of high quality, ensuring a safe and enriching learning experience. The clear and comprehensive instructions empower young scientists to embark on experiments with confidence, nurturing their sense of curiosity and scientific inquiry.

Pricing and Value

When evaluating pricing, "Science Expeditions" by Little Passports offers excellent value. While the monthly kit is priced at $29.95, the brand extends discounts for those who commit to 6 or 12-month subscriptions. This flexible pricing structure ensures that families can choose a plan that aligns with their budget while providing exceptional educational value. The rich learning experiences within each kit make every penny invested a worthwhile contribution to a child's education.

Key Differentiators

What truly sets "Science Expeditions" by Little Passports apart from similar products is its comprehensive approach to learning. While other science subscription services may offer experiments, Little Passports goes beyond by integrating a captivating comic book that complements the monthly theme. This storytelling element not only enhances comprehension but also fosters a love for scientific narratives and exploration.

Moreover, Little Passports caters to a wide age range, offering subscriptions for ages 3 to 8+ and providing an opportunity for children of varying ages within the same family to learn together. This inclusivity fosters a sense of shared discovery and family bonding, making it an excellent choice for households with multiple children.


"Science Expeditions" by Little Passports is a powerful tool for parents seeking to nurture their children's curiosity, scientific inquiry, and love for exploration. Its diverse and educational content, commitment to quality, flexible pricing, and storytelling component make it an outstanding choice in the realm of educational subscription boxes. By providing captivating and immersive learning experiences, "Science Expeditions" empowers young scientists to explore, learn, and embark on a lifelong journey of scientific discovery and understanding.

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$22.95/m - $25.95/m



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