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World Edition Subscription Review


Little Passports, renowned for its educational subscription boxes for kids, takes young adventurers on an immersive journey through countries and cultures with their "World Edition." In this comprehensive review, we delve into the content, quality, pricing, and what sets the "World Edition" by Little Passports apart from similar products, using examples from their engaging kits.

Diverse and Educational Content

"World Edition" by Little Passports is a captivating voyage that introduces kids aged 6 to 10 to countries and cultures around the world. The adventure begins with a carefully curated starter kit that fuels curiosity and sparks wanderlust. In this first package, young explorers receive a signature blue suitcase to hold their discoveries, a personal passport, a wall-sized world map, an original chapter book, an exclusive collectible Country Coin, a coin board, and three soft animal squishies, among other treasures.

The subsequent monthly packages continue the adventure, each focusing on a new country. These kits feature hands-on activities, souvenirs, books, and interactive projects that allow children to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the chosen country. From creating traditional crafts to learning a few phrases in the local language, the "World Edition" fosters an appreciation for global diversity.

Quality of Content

Little Passports collaborates with professional educators, PhDs, and award-winning writers and designers to craft content that not only educates but also engages and excites young minds. The materials provided in each kit are of high quality, ensuring a safe and enriching learning journey. The activities are designed to be interactive and entertaining, making the exploration of different cultures a joyous experience.

Pricing and Value

When it comes to pricing, the "World Edition" by Little Passports offers exceptional value. Monthly subscriptions provide ongoing access to an adventure that spans numerous countries, making it an affordable way for families to instill a sense of global curiosity in their children. The value proposition is enhanced by the treasure trove of educational materials and souvenirs included in each kit.

Key Differentiators

What truly sets the "World Edition" by Little Passports apart from similar products is its comprehensive approach to cultural exploration. While other subscription services may offer limited facts, Little Passports takes children on a cohesive journey through countries, fostering a deeper understanding of global diversity. The integration of a passport and Country Coins adds an interactive element that keeps young adventurers engaged and invested in their travels.

\Moreover, the anticipation and excitement of receiving a new package addressed to your child each month is part of the magic of Little Passports. It transforms learning into an adventurous experience that children eagerly look forward to.

Customer Testimonials

As an added testament to the appeal of the "World Edition," parents have praised its ability to ignite curiosity and excitement about the world. Some have found the materials to be engaging and have appreciated the positive impact on their child's interest in geography and culture. Additionally, the excellent customer service provided by Little Passports has received praise for its responsiveness and dedication to resolving any issues.


The "World Edition" by Little Passports is more than a subscription box; it's a global adventure that broadens horizons and fosters a love for cultural exploration. Its diverse and educational content, commitment to quality, affordability, and the excitement it generates make it a standout choice in the realm of educational subscription boxes. By providing an immersive and comprehensive journey through countries and cultures, "World Edition" empowers young explorers to embrace diversity, cultivate curiosity, and embark on a lifelong journey of global understanding and appreciation.

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