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STEM Kits - Subscription vs One-Time Purchase

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Children who develop an early love and appreciation for science, technology, engineering, and math will be poised for success in our ever-evolving society. There is no doubt that future careers and opportunities will be based around these subject areas, referred to as STEM. One way to help children get excited about STEM is by providing them with opportunities to explore, interact, and experiment with different concepts and materials.

While you could develop your own lessons and activities for your children, doing so is time-consuming and will likely require a lot of prep work and materials. STEM kits are the perfect way to help children develop an interest and gain confidence in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. If you're familiar with STEM kits, then you likely already know you have the option to sign up for a subscription or to make a one-time purchase. We think that signing up for STEM subscription boxes is by far the best option. Below we'll share our top five reasons to choose STEM subscription kits over making one-time purchases.

STEM Subscription Crates are Convenient

One of the best things about STEM subscription boxes is that they are so convenient. Once you set up your order, a new fun, exciting, and educational box will be delivered to your doorstep each month. You won't need to worry about placing an order, planning your own lessons, or finding materials. The box will include everything that is needed for your child to explore, experiment, and learn.

You Can Enjoy Quality Time with Your Child

With a STEM subscription box, you and your child can enjoy some special time together each month. You can make it a tradition to work together to use the materials in the box to complete the experiment or activity. As you work together, you can talk to your child about what they have learned and how they can apply this to other areas of their life. You can also use this opportunity to explore and discuss the importance of science in our world and talk about ways your child may be interested in using science in their future to solve problems.

The Kit Contents Are Customised for Your Child

STEM subscription kits will be customised for the needs and interests of your child. There are different kit types available, and the contents of each kit will be selected based on your child's age. This can help you feel confident that your child is working on concepts that are age-appropriate and relevant to them.

Your Child Will Lean Something New Every Month

Since you will be getting a monthly delivery, your child will have the opportunity to learn something new every month. STEM subscription boxes are developed by experts in their field. This can help you feel confident that your child is learning valuable information that will expand their thinking and prepare them for a future where science, technology, engineering, and math are front and centre.

In addition to learning the obvious STEM concepts, children will also develop other important skills that will help in all areas of their life. For example, they will learn to be persistent with something is not easy, to make predictions, to modify their approach to a problem, and to talk about their successes and challenges. You will also see an improvement in your child's creative problem-solving skills.

Kids Love STEM Subscription Kits

Finally, and possibly most important, your child will love their STEM boxes. Each month when the kit is delivered, your child will be excited to open it up and get started with a new experiment or learning opportunity. And, isn't this what we really want for our children? For them to be so excited to learn that they can't wait to get started with an educational activity.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to choose STEM subscription crates over making a one-time purchase. Your child will be so excited every month when their new box arrives, and you'll be excited to watch their love of science, technology, engineering, and math grow. What's holding you back? Choose one of the many STEM subscription crates today!


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