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STEM Theme for your kid's birthday

Every parent knows that celebrating our kids birthday can be a very stressful thing - As parents, we want our kids to have the best celebration possible, we want them to smile, laugh, and just have fun with their friends and family.

But, to make all of this happen, year after year, parents need to be on constant search for the perfect birthday theme. It has to be fun, original, and eventually leave an impact on your kid and his or her friends.

If you're reading this post, you're probably already know what STEM stands for, and how valuable and fun it can be for your children. Now, imagine that you could actually celebrate your kid's birthday, using a STEM theme.

Choose a STEM category as the main birthday theme

As you probably know, STEM is consisted of few educational categories, like Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art and more. Focusing on one of the themes can help you be more accurate in the different choices around the planning phase, and eventually make it easier to connect all the dots and make it a perfect birthday.

Few example themes - Science Fair, Art Fair, Robotics Factory, and more. Now, that you've chosen the right theme, it's time to dive into the details - what activities to plan for, how's the food connected to the theme, and which themed giveaways you can get.

Build birthday activities around the chosen theme

Now that a specific STEM theme was chosen, you'll need to come up with cool activities that you believe will fit the celebration. Obviously, these activities would vary based on your kid's age, but the possibilities out there are endless.

Let's take as an example, the theme of "Science Fair", which can fit many different age groups. For this theme, you could easily plan for creating few science corners, and in each of them have the kids conduct a science experiment, like assembling circuits, creating a home made rocket, crating home made magnetic slime, and more..

If you'd like to save some time in assembling home made experiments yourself, you could always buy party supply packs from companies like kiwico, which include packs of very cool experiments and all of the required materials and instructions for conducting these experiments.

Come up with a relevant menu around the STEM theme

If you want to take the extra mile, try to come up with a menu related to your theme. Taking the Science Fair theme as an example, you could put candies and drinks inside test tubes, design a special birthday cake, etc.

Plan for some cool STEM giveaways for the kids

Last, there are the giveaways. There are infinite number of small toys or other giveaways you could think of here.

For example, focusing on the Science Fair theme, you could easily hand out a home made experiment for every kid participating. This would not only be a very fun giveaway, but also it would for sure make your child's birthday something to be remembered by everyone.


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